Monday, 7 February 2011

Sandy Denny: The Collection

We were asked to create a box set collection for Sandy Denny.
We decided to create something which was delicate,soft and subtle which also had an impact, much like her music.
Each vinyl sleeve contains a cut out silhouette on the front which allows you to see the centre of the actual vinyl, each designed carefully to reflect the lyrics from one of the songs on the album. On the back of the sleeve the title of the album is embossed. The inner sleeve has a pattern upon it, again reflecting some of her songs on the album.

Sandy Denny: Liege & Lief

The raven and other birds used upon these sleeves is due to the lyrics in one of her songs called 'crazy man Michael' This was a collaborative album with fairport convention.

Sandy Denny: 'like an old fashioned waltz'

Sandy Denny: 'Sandy'

This album is entitled 'Sandy'. The artwork upon the inner sleve and the colour scheme used, reflects alot of the songs on the album. She sings about sailers lost at sea and other nautical themed subjects.

Sandy Denny: Booklet, poster & 7" single

This section of the Box-set consists of a 7 inch single 'Who knows where the time goes'. The front is embossed with clock hands upon it. The pocket in which the single is placed entails only the clock face giving a subtle hint there is something inside. Also in this section there is another sleeve which holds a booklet containing quotes from other artists complimenting her music and how she has influenced them. The booklet can be unfolded to reveal a poster of a vector image complimenting her style of music.
The dates surrounded by illustrations can be matched up to each albums inner sleeves.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sandy Denny: The Making

Online magazine on the making of Sandy Denny:the collection vinyl covers. Have a look.

click on the centre of the image to full screen.

Skate night

Front 180
Front 180
monster ollie
kickflip over barrier
360 flip
frontside noseslide
ollie over barrier
pop shuvit tailgrab