Monday, 8 November 2010

6 Degrees of separation:ANTOINE & MANUEL

Antoine and Manuel are a French duo that has been making work together for at least 10 years. The designers have worked on a wide range of projects from complex illustration to very experimental typography where they are not shy on using colour. An example of their experimental ability is shown in almost every piece of their work, inkblots; scrawls; geometric constructions, complex patterns and backgrounds are used throughout. A prime example of this is shown in the work they created for AOL. It’s as if they wanted to create something frightening yet thought provoking.

Antoine is the colourist and Manuel is the layout artist, together they have created posters, wallpapers, furniture and typographical compositions.
One of my favourite selections of work created by the duo is for the National Choreographic Centre Tour(CCNT) The theme and layout stays consistent throughout. However, the illustrations; designs and colours surrounding the typefaces are more provocative than the last. Each has an intriguing organic feel to them. The colours used emphasise this. The illustrations within the pieces compliment the typeface brilliantly.
Antoine and Manuel can be compared to the work of Dani Klauser(shown below) as they both use a subtle underlying grid to keep a sense of order.

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