Monday, 8 November 2010

6 Degrees of separation:CHARLES BIGELOW

Charles bigelow was a professor of digital typography at Stanford University for 13 years where he taught typography, type design and the history and theory of writing.
Together with Kris homes he founded the Bigelow & Holmes foundry. With Holmes, Charles Bigelow co-designed the Lucinda extended family of typefaces; these include the Lucinda sans and Lucinda console fonts in Microsoft windows and the Lucinda grand fonts in Macintosh.

He has been a typographic consultant for Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and many other firms.
The Lucinda font family has been designed carefully so that each typeface fulfils a certain need, for example; Lucinda serif has been designed for legibility when printed on low resolution output devices such as laser printers; however Lucinda black letter has been designed more for letterheads or more decorative pieces.Like Simonson, Bigelow produces fonts where legibility is a key factor.

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